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Mock-up is a model that is made in the same form as the design when developing a new product for product design evaluation.
Mock-up is produced in the same size and concept as the product being released, and because the Mock-up can be reviewed for actual productivity and completeness and real shape of the product, Mock-up producing must be delicately and accurately.

It is used in various fields such as electronic, IT, vehicle, and toy industries. and it is classified into soft Mock-up, design Mock-up, and working Mock-up according to its purpose and purpose.

Working Mock-up

Working Mock-up, also known as Prototype Mock-up, means the manufacturing the same product as the real product to be soled to verify, and test the performance and function of the product before launching.
The difference between the working Mock-up and Design Mock-up is that the design mock-up is to review the appearance like colour of size, and working mock-up is to review the assembly and function not only the appearance but also the internal mechanical parts.