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Mock-up is a model that is made in the same form as the design when developing a new product for product design evaluation.
Mock-up is produced in the same size and concept as the product being released, and because the Mock-up can be reviewed for actual productivity and completeness and real shape of the product, Mock-up producing must be delicately and accurately.

It is used in various fields such as electronic, IT, vehicle, and toy industries. and it is classified into soft Mock-up, design Mock-up, and working Mock-up according to its purpose and purpose.

Design Mock-up

Soft Mock-up is a work to understand the morphological elements of a product through the size or structure of the product.
You can review the errors based on CAD data and check the shape and size of the product through soft Mock-up. And unlike the other mock-up, Soft Mock-up is the lowest cost because it doesn't painting or post-processing processes.

Design Mock-up, also called dummy Mock-up or Concept Mock-up, is the work of making a model of the appearance of a product according to design or drawing.
Based on the design, It is for reviewing the appearance of colours, textures, and structures through prototypes like samples. and this mock-up doesn't work on internal PCB circuits or parts for functions.